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David Marh
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Civil litigation is a term that applies to any legal situation where plaintiff is seeking monetary damages or a specific performance and defendant either defends or counter sues, and it does not include criminal accusations.  Some cases go to trial, but not all will.


We provide practical advice to business clients within the best legal framework for operations, investments, regulatory compliance, and special initiatives.  We identify and address issues before they become obstacles, and we negotiate and complete transactions that will improve client’s competitive leverage, add value, and sustain growth.


Filing for bankruptcy can be a complicated and confusing process, but we will guide you every step of the way through the finish so you will have a fresh start.  After conducting a thorough review of your financial situation, we will advise you as to the choice of filing bankruptcy Chapters (7, 13 or 11) and also as to any alternative options in lieu of bankruptcy.

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I will never look for another attorney for any upcoming legal issues I may have.  David is my 5 star attorney.

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Attorneys and staff at Marh & Associates hold memberships in numerous legal, trade and civic organizations.  We are also deeply committed to the Southern California area and the communities in which we live

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Our experienced attorneys specialize in a broad range of practice areas including business & corporate law, real estate, personal injury, civil litigation, business transaction, labor law, intellectual property, entertainment, and immigration

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“David Marh is an excellent attorney who truly cares about his clients. He is always easy to get in touch with, and he is extremely knowledgeable in the areas of patent and copyright. I highly recommend him”

Joe M

West Hollywood