Our experienced attorneys specialize in a broad range of practice areas including business & corporate law, real estate, personal injury, civil litigation, business transaction, labor law, intellectual property, entertainment, and immigration.


Tell us about what you’re being sued for. Tell us about why you want to sue someone.

Civil litigation is a term that applies to any legal situation where plaintiff is seeking monetary damages or a specific performance and defendant either defends or counter sues, and it does not include criminal accusations.  Some cases go to trial, but not all will.


Marh & Associates provide a full range of services for debtors, creditors, committees, and trustees in the context of chapter 7, 13 & 11 bankruptcy proceedings. We also prosecute and defend the following:

  • Prosecuting and defending corporate, business, and commercial claims including breach of contract, fraud, breach of fiduciary duty and related business torts
  • Prosecuting and defending preference, fraudulent transfer and other avoidance actions
  • Prosecuting and defending actions seeking the imposition of constructive trusts
  • Prosecuting and defending actions seeking the appointment of a receiver
  • Prosecuting and defending claims for injunctive relief, writs of attachment, writs of possession and other pre-judgment remedies

Our attorneys’ vast knowledge and experience in various industries help our business/corporate clients immensely. We provide strategic planning advice evaluating all circumstantial factors; we prepare legal documents and contracts to protect your interest; we negotiate on your behalf if any dispute arises during the course of your business; we assist in merge & acquisition; and we provide legal representation in litigation matters. Please contact for an initial consultation.


Marh & Associates is committed to providing the best possible resolution for your legal problem, whether you’re charged with DUI, domestic violence, drugs, assault, theft, murder or any other offense. We work together as a team to provide the best defense strategy for each client.


The four pillars of estate planning are

1) to ensure distribution of your assets as you wish,

2) to avoid complex and costly probate procedure,

3) to provide asset protection of transfers of wealth & to minimize tax liabilities, and

4) to provide advance decisions for mental incapacity. After a thorough evaluation of your current assets, properties and portfolios, we shall prepare & create the documents to serve your best interest; trust, pour-over will, advanced health care directives, durable powers of attorney, medi-cal planning and more.


Family Law is the one of the most sensitive areas of law. At Marh & Associates, our attorneys understand emotional issues are just as important as legal issues. Divorce, legal separation, nullity, mediation, child custody & support, spousal support, paternity actions, domestic violence, elder abuse, and adoption are the areas we practice under the family law, and we promise our best care and attention to all of our clients.


Our clients come to U.S. in the pursuit of better life, superior liberty, and happiness. And it is imperative that our client have “status” in order to take full advantage of what this country has to offer. We provide effective guidance to our clients for their status issues in through the complex U.S. immigration system. We provide an honest assessment of your situation; we update and explain every procedure and time frames involved; and we take great pride in earning praises for our unimpeachable practices.


From copyright and patent registration to infringement issues and copyright challenges, we provide custom-tailored service for each of our creative and innovative clients. Whether you are a large organization or a start-up entrepreneur, the protection your interests shall be in good hands with us. Protecting intellectual property rights may involve litigation on matters like the breach of non-compete or licensing agreements, misappropriation of trade secrets, or violation of trademark and copyright laws, and more.


We believed our success in representing clients is the result of our dedication to identifying emerging litigation trends.  We focus on the unique angle of each case and avail ourselves of the opportunities for creative solutions, ever mindful that in some cases, trial is unavoidable

We have handled cases involving severance agreements, wage & hour claims, wrongful termination, employee manuals, training & consultation, retaliation & whistleblower, sexual harassment, age, sex, gender, national origin and disability discrimination, and complex litigations with multi party claims.

We also believe in importance of understanding the business and political ramifications of labor and employment matters.


  • Do you need to sue someone?
  • Are you being sued?
  • Do you have questions about alternative dispute resolution?
  • Do you need to collect on a judgment?
  • Do you need legal guidance about an on-going dispute?

Marh & Associates handles cases of severe injury and harm arising from general negligence, vehicle accidents, pedestrian injuries, wrongful death, and slip and fall accidents. Our team works to minimize the stress and challenges involved in litigation. Although we are always mindful that trial is unavoidable at times, our goal is to provide the best possible results for our clients in the most stress free manner.

The attorneys at Marh & Associates have experience in presenting and vigorously prosecuting claims on behalf of injured parties, as well as defending against such claims for its business and insurance clients.


For all issues and/or disputes surrounding real estate development projects, transactions/transfers of real estate properties, construction defects & defenses, landlord/tenant relationship, escrow & title claims, and title challenges, the attorneys at Marh & Associates have the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to provide you the best legal representation to protect your interests.

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